Computer Repair | Upgrade | Build

We repair Windows-based PCs. That what we do. That’s what we are fantastic at doing.

All work is performed in our shop, not in your home or office. This has several advantages over on-site service. In no particular order:

  • You don’t have a technician in your house for hours at a time making you feel like you should be offering him lunch.
  • All on-site hours are billable. Do you really want to pay for the time it takes to reboot the computer, waiting for diagnostics to run, or while the tech does research on your complex issue? Of course not.
  • In our shop, we can work on the computer into the wee hours of the morning if necessary. No additional trips spanning over several days.
  • We are able to work on several computers at the same time in the shop. This saves time, which saves you money.

What else?

We can upgrade your computer. Maybe you need more memory. Maybe it takes 10 minutes to boot and you need a new solid-state hard drive. Leave it to Barca Solutions to make sure the upgrade goes smoothly.

We also custom build computers to your specifications. No junky parts. No used parts. We use only the best, most reliable parts that fit within your budget.